PRODUCT: Life Detection Technologies has built a completely non-contact, low cost vital sign monitor. The patented combination of hardware and software allows simultaneous measurement of cardiac and respiratory changes with incredible accuracy. The unique nature of the technology allows them to build out a platform which is easy to implement in many different scenarios such as wearables (fabrics or watches), mattress pads, automotive seats, baby monitors, etc. 

ERIC HOWIE   CEO, Life Detection Technologies


CEO, Life Detection Technologies

TRACTION: Life Detection Technologies has executed a deal with Fisher-Price/Mattel to build their technology into four different sleep-related products. They are also executing two paid evaluation studies in the automotive sector. LDT has two issued U.S. patents, with two more pending.

STATUS: Jumpstart Capital invested $100,000 in April of 2018. 



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PRODUCT: Reemo’s cutting-edge technology creates opportunities to improve care, raise customer satisfaction, increase caregiver efficiency, and establish one-of-a-kind communication channels between seniors and their caregivers. Seniors can use Reemo to track activity and wellness, receive messages (dinner is ready, fitness class is starting) and reminders (doctor’s appointment at 2pm today), and maintain easy access to their caregivers from wherever they are. To support the health, safety, and connectedness of seniors living at home, senior living communities may offer Reemo to seniors on their waiting list or considering a move to their facility. 



CEO, Reemo

TRACTION: Currently have 15 paying / pending corporate partners, and significant partnerships with Samsung, Verizon, and ADT to name a few. Recently launched with the Microsoft Employee Caregiver Program with 8 more employers set to launch, including Qualcomm, HP, Genentech, and Intuit. Additionally, Reemo has signed a Medicare plan in California and will be a featured company at both Verizon Innovation Centers in San Francisco and Boston.

STATUS: Jumpstart Capital invested $250,000 in May of 2018. 



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PRODUCT: Healthy Bytes is a SaaS platform for dietitians that eliminates the stress and hassle of accepting medical insurance—so dietitians can focus on their patients. Dietitians lose as much as $75k/year by not taking insurance or billing with current systems. Complex medical billing codes and processes prevent dietitians from focusing on patients, and new coding standards are difficult to track. Healthy Bytes solves these problems with their one-of-a-kind platform: a web based platform to file claims in 45 secs. so dietitians can move on to the next patient. Claims are optimized by payer and patient, and get paid faster, with fewer errors. The Healthy Bytes Platform eliminates insurance jargon and coding, increasing accessibility and efficiency.

AMY ROBERTS   CEO, Healthy Bytes


CEO, Healthy Bytes

TRACTION: 263 paying customers including 3 corporate clients: Kroger, Wellness Coaches USA & Hy-Vee.

STATUS: Jumpstart Capital invested $500,000 in October of 2017. Dave holds a board observer seat.



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PRODUCT: Pillsy is the first connected pharmacy platform that connects smart pill bottles to a user-friendly app making it easier for people to remember, track, and refill their medications and vitamins. Over 50% of people who take regular prescriptions struggle with taking their medication on-time and consistently, leading to unnecessary costs to the healthcare system and poor patient outcomes. Medication non-adherence leads to over $300 billion in wasted healthcare spending each year in the U.S. The number one reason cited for non-adherence in a study by ExpressScripts is forgetfulness (65%), followed by cost (10%) and side effects (5%).



CEO, Pillsy

TRACTION: Closed a pilot in Q2 with one of the largest pharmacy chains in the US, offering Pillsy 60 sites for retail sale on the pharmacy counter--a coveted retail location. PIllsy also recently completed API software integration with a mail-order pharmacy licensed in 30 states. Via this integration, end users can refill prescriptions directly via the Pillsy platform. Pillsy won a $10k award from NIH and the opportunity to apply for a 7-figure research grant.

STATUS: Jumpstart Capital invested $525,000 in November of 2017. Josh and Dave hold the Board Director and Board Observer seat, respectively.


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