PRODUCT: Menūd is a consumer-facing health & lifestyle software platform addressing a critical issue for the $800B grocery industry. Menūd connects subscribers to celebrated-curated meal plans. Menūd makes healthy eating popular and connected, while radically simplifying the meal planning and grocery shopping experience. Menūd allows you to eat like your favorite health, wellness, fitness, or food Role Model. On the surface, menūd offers healthy food recommended by celebrities and generates shopping lists. Removes guesswork by connecting you to recommendations from people you trust. Menūd partners with celebrities who promote the product for their own benefit. Ready on Mobile Built as an API Developed to be rapidly deployable on partner’s platforms and websites.



CEO, Menud

TRACTION: Current Role Models include celebrities such as Martina McBride, 14-time Grammy Award nominee and cookbook author; and personal trainer Tony Horton, of PX90 exercise program fame. Discussions are active with major talent agencies, consumer packaged goods companies, and large grocers.

STATUS: Jumpstart Capital invested $250,000 in April of 2018. Dave and Josh have taken board roles, as Director, and Observer, respectively.


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